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Sustainability Engagement Calendar

This initiative is an innovative communications strategy aimed at raising awareness, building organizational excitement, and increasing visibility around sustainability. Each month of the calendar highlights a different sustainability topic, such as recycling, community well-being, energy, water use, and climate adaptation. The calendar highlights sustainability successes and provides information on sustainability-related activities, project highlights, and ways to improve personal sustainability. This initiative communicates an airport's commitment to improving sustainability. Calendars can be distributed to employees, tenants, other agencies, and/or the wider public. Airports can also promote monthly events related to each sustainability topic to increase visibility and engagement.

Practice Information

Capital Cost: Low Cost ($5,000 – $100,000 US)
O&M Cost: Marginal or Cost Savings (<$5,000 US)
Staffing Requirements: Negligible (<10 hours per month)
Maturity of Practice: Proven at one or two airports
Energy Reduction: No effect on energy consumption
Environmental Benefits: Low environmental benefit
Social Benefits: Moderate social benefit

Airport Characteristics


Case Studies


Boston-Logan International Airport

Logan Airport implemented this initiative in January 2015. Over 1,500 calendars were distributed widely to employees, tenants, other agencies (such as the FAA), and visitors. The twelve topics for the Sustainable Massport calendar were: January 2015: Sustainability Awareness February 2015: Recycling March 2015: Energy/Electricity April 2015: Enhance Passenger Experience May 2015: Parks and Open Space June 2015: Sustainable Transportation July 2015: Water Conservation August 2015: Community Outreach/Support September 2015: Waste Management/Reduction October 2015: Climate Change/Resiliency November 2015: Employee Wellness December 2015: Air Quality and GHG Reduction

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Sustainable Massport Calendar


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