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Integrating sustainability into our culture and business practices is the ultimate goal of EONS and the Triple Bottom Line . As sustainability plays a larger role in our day-to-day activities and decisions, our traditional methods for planning, design, construction, operations, maintenance, and procurement are transformed. As a result, airports and organizations of all sizes and geographies can achieve many economic, environmental, operational and social benefits through the implementation of sustainability.


Although every sustainability effort is unique, the planning process below can be used as a framework to start, implement, improve and maintain a sustainability program. It is a systematic approach to set goals, prioritize actions and monitor progress. The process is scalable and flexible to varying operating environments and resources, and can be modified to meet specific circumstances and needs. More information, including examples, can be found in the Sustainable Aviation Resource Guide. Click the steps in the process for more details.

Plan Graphic Develop Strategy Define Sustainability Identify Stakeholder Team(s) Establish Vision and Guiding Principles Define Focus Areas, Goals and KPIs Conduct Initial Assessment Identify and Prioritize Practices Refine Goals Select Actions and Set Targets Develop Action and Monitoring Plans Implement Practices Monitor Performance Evaluate Program Add or Revise Focus Areas, Goals, & Stakeholders Sustainability Plan