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There are many opportunities to share your information and ask questions on this site. As a self-sustaining resource, the site’s success is based on information shared by users like you over time. The more information that is shared, the better this tool becomes. Although this website is geared toward the airport industry, the information shared here is applicable to all industries and sectors.

In addition to sharing on this site, stakeholder involvement plays a critical role in achieving success in a sustainability program. Engaging a diverse set of participants allows an airport to gain buy-in from those that will be responsible for implementation, identify potential practices, obtain guidance and lessons-learned, and become involved in related activities. Participating in the local, regional and global sustainability community helps you to achieve your sustainability goals and contributes to the advancement of sustainability worldwide. More information on stakeholder involvement is outlined below.

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There four ways to share information and contribute to this site:
1) Adding practices on the SEARCH page
2) Adding or editing the technical information for existing practices on the SEARCH page
3) Adding documents to the LIBRARY
4) Sharing what sustainability means to you on the LEARN page

Currently, the technical information is missing for a majority of the practices on the SEARCH page. Please consider completing the practice information to help make this resource as meaningful and useful as possible.

1) Add Sustainable Practices

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For existing practices, you can edit the technical information (e.g. capitol cost). Click on the practice title to bring up the practice information page. From there, you can add comments, case studies, documents, and links. You can also change the practice title and add or change the description and other technical information. You can save the new or changed information for your own private use or send the information to an Administrator to be reviewed and added to the public database.

3) Add Documents to the LIBRARY

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4) Share What Sustainability Means to You

On the LEARN page there is a box for you to type in a short description of what sustainability means to you or your organization.

Stakeholder Involvement Model

One of the first and most important steps in starting or enhancing a sustainability program involves identifying stakeholders that will help to plan and implement the selected sustainability practices. In particular, engaging those who will be accountable for implementation allows them to help select the activities and KPIs that will have the highest chance of success. Grouping stakeholders together by what they will do and how they will contribute to your sustainability efforts is a helpful way to identify who you should involve in your activities. The stakeholder model presented here is a common way that airports involve their stakeholders. It includes a core team that is responsible for and has the authority to make decisions, an internal team that helps to plan and implement the selected practices, and an external team that advises the airport and identifies opportunities for collaboration. In some cases, certain stakeholders may participate in more than one of these groups (e.g. tenant relations may participate in the internal and external groups).

Stakeholder Graphic

Examples of Stakeholders

In addition to focusing the day-to-day management practices and operations of the airports, it is also important to consider how your sustainability program impacts and is impacted by local, regional and global sustainability activities. An airport operator may consider collaborating with outside groups to broaden the overall perspective of their program, pool resources and expertise, receive guidance, and capture and share information. In addition, airport operators are also in a unique position to contribute to the momentum and progress of sustainability programs occurring in their town or city as well around the world. Consideration of the interconnections that may exist between an airport’s sustainability program and local, regional and global sustainability programs will potentially leverage the experiences and successes of the larger community and amplify the benefits of both the airport operator’s and the world’s sustainability efforts. Roll over the stakeholder triangle to see examples of potential stakeholders in the private, public and social sectors.

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