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What does sustainability mean to you?

"Practical, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement (popular) measures that can start within the WCAA and expand to tenants, concessionaires, etc."
- Bryan Wagoner,

"A balance of the relationship between interdependent variables such as: equity, economics, and environment coming together in force to produce a design of implementation for present and future concerns."
- Matt Cerutti,

"Sustainability is comprehensive strategy to optimize planning, design, construction and operations saving money, increasing resilience, and improving both environmental and social outcomes."
- Adam Klauber,

"Applying the principles of the Triple Bottom Line to drive economic growth while using natural resources in an efficient fashion. Re-use, re-purposing, recycling are key."
- kevin obrien,

"Sustainability means organizational mission related to the application of BMP as related to environmental, energy, water, land stewardship. This application will provides benefits in the form of better Financial performance and risk management."
- David Robbins,

"Making the most of people, places, spaces, and/or things without waste, damage, and/or excess."
- Jennifer Lewis,

"Sustainability means thinking in systems. It means considering problems holistically and optimizing environmental, economic, and social considerations."
- Lauren Ballou,

"Proper resource planning. Sustainability takes into account market externalities, such as environmental and social impacts, that have been largely absent from the traditional decision-making process."
- Tricia DeMarco,